Edius Keyboard Shortcuts

Modifier KeyKeyDescription of shortcut
 Ctrl ShiftBAdd clip in player to asset bin
  ShiftFSearch frame - recorder 
 Ctrl ShiftFSearch frame - player
  F12Print to tape
 Ctrl NNew project
 Ctrl ShiftNNew sequence
 Ctrl OOpen project
 Ctrl ShiftOAdd file to recorder
 Ctrl ShiftPOpen clip source file
Alt  QDelete unused rendered files
 Ctrl SSave project
 Ctrl ShiftSSave as
 Ctrl TCreate new freeze frame
Alt  ADelete audio from selected clip
  BACKSPACEDelete gap
  DDelete between in/out
Alt  DRipple delete between in/out
Alt  DeleteRipple delete
Alt  ShiftFDelete parts - video filters
Alt Ctrl FDelete parts - audio filter
Alt Ctrl ShiftFDelete parts - all filter
Alt Ctrl GDelete parts - key
Alt Ctrl ShiftGDelete parts - transparency
Alt  ShiftHDelete volume setting
Alt Ctrl HDelete pan settings
Alt  TDelete transition between selected clips
Alt  ShiftTDelete parts - transition
Alt Ctrl TDelete parts - cross fade
Alt  VDelete video of selected clip
  Shift1Select 1a track
  Shift2Select 2a track
  Shift3Select 3a track
  Shift4Select 4a track
  Shift5Select 1va/v track
  Shift6Select 2va/v track
  APrevious edit point
  ENDMove to end
  FMatch frame recorder>player
Alt  FDisplay master clip
  F11Print to file
  HOMEMove to start
  Numpad - Timecode jump (-)
  Numpad +Timecode jump (+)
  PgDnNext edit point - trim
  PgUpPrevious edit point - trim
 Ctrl Right ArrowNext edit point
  SNext edit point
  ShiftASelect all tracks
 Ctrl ASelect all clips in selected tracks


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