How to make Mobile Phone as a webcam



1   Choose a webcam/cell phone software (see Resource 1 and 2). These programs allow your cell phone to communicate via Bluetooth and effectively act as a webcam.
2   Download the software and install it by double-clicking on the file and following the instructions.
3   Open up the application on your computer and click on "Connection." Select "Bluetooth" or "USB." This will connect your laptop to your cell phone. Choose the option that you have available to you.
4  Connect your phone via Bluetooth by going to your "Menu" and clicking on "Add Bluetooth Device." If you don't have a Bluetooth phone, you will need a USB cable to connect your phone with your computer. Once they are connected, you will see a picture on your computer screen coming from your camera.

For Mobile Webcam Software go to:

Use Android Mobile as Webcam for PC – Wi-Fi & USB Mode

IP WebcamIf you are using the Android based mobile phone then you have chosen the right mobile software platform. Android powered by Google is amazing operating system for mobiles which is an open source and best thing comes with the complete rights to install any Android App on your mobile. Recently browsing through the Android App Marketplace, I can across IP Webcam app, I read the description and thought of having a try with it, the next it happened to be surprise to me as it can make your mobile phone work as webcam for PC supporting Wi-Fi and USB mode.

IP Webcam for Android

IP Webcam is an Android App which can do wonders for you. It turns your phone into a wireless camera with multiple viewing options. The camera can be viewed in VLC Media player or any web browser on any platform. It’s a personal suggestion that you go with Google Chrome rather than with Internet Explorer.

Now without the need of your front facing camera you can use your primary camera located on the rear side with Skype, Chatroulette and other video chat software’s for video streaming but its limited for Windows only. But usage for the large time will dry up your battery within no time and Android mobile phone consumes more battery makes it more limited.

IP Webcam supports Windows, Mac and Linux. It works like a charm on most of the mobile phone and it gets 4 star rating in official Android Marketplace. The IP Webcam is ideal for short time use like keep an eye on your pets when you are in another room.

IP Webcam IP Webcam

Regardless of platform, you can open the video streaming on any PC or laptop by opening the address provided when you install this app provided you connect only within the same network.

Did you know that you can even also expose this webcam on internet. For doing that you need to know the external IP and read your router’s documentation on port forwarding. This would enable to view video streaming from any PC anywhere.

IP Webcam Download

As you know it’s easy to install apps on your Android mobile phone. Go to your mobile phone and tap Market. Search out for IP webcam and click on install, it would be ready for use.

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