Computer Basics -1


1. Who is the father of Internet?
Ans. Winton Surf

2. Celeron was a brand name for a line of microprocessors introduced by?
Ans. Intel

3. Who is the founder of WWW?
Ans. Tim Berners Lee

4. Output quality of a printer is measured by?
Ans. Dots per inch

5. The term ISP refers to?
Ans. Internet Service Provider

6. An interface on a computer to which an external device can be connected is called?
Ans. Port

7. Which Storage media hold the most information?
Ans. Blue-ray

8. Who cofounded Hotmail in 1996 and then sold the company to Microsoft?
Ans. Zabeer Bhatia

9. What is the full form of UPS?
Ans. Uninterrupted Power Supply

10. HTML is a:
a)Computer language

11. Computer processing speed is measured in terms
Ans. MHz

12. Which is the short key used to view the slide show in power point?
Ans. F5

13. How many windows can be active at a time?
Ans. One

14. WWW stands for:
Ans. World Wide Web

15. The bar in which it displays the name of the currently active document is:
Ans. Title Bar

16. The Feature available in word processor to type data in rows and coloumns from is:
Ans. Tables

17. ISP means:
Ans. Internet Servvice Provider

18. .......... is generally regarded as the first microprocessor?
Ans. Intel 4004

19. Pentium series of microprocessors were introduced by :
Ans. Intel

20. The term DSL stands for:
Ans. Digital Subcriber Line

21. Software that runs on computers and manages the computer hardware is called:
Ans. Operating System

22. VDU is an old term for:
Ans. Monitor

23. Which of the following is NOT an early computer?
Ans. MacBook

24. In computer Terminology ,what does I/O stands for?
Ans. Input/Output

25. Anything that comes out of a computer:
Ans. Output

26. A group of attribute or field in a database is known as a................
Ans. Record

27. A ............... describe a category of information in a table of database.
Ans. Field

28. When data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causes ................
Ans. Data inconsistency

29. Which device act as a traffic cop over a network?
Ans. Router

30. How many layers are present in Open System Interconnection (OSI) model of network architecture?
Ans. Seven

31. Which layer of OSI model, firstly make use of unit of data called “Packet”?
Ans. Network Layer

32. Communication between computers is established, maintained and terminated by ............... .
Ans. Session Layer

33. Which term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site?
Ans. Domain name

34. The place where data or information is stored for a short time is:
Ans. Buffer

35. The section of CPU which selects, interprets and sees to the execution of program instructions?
Ans. Control Unit

36. Which program is used to convert assembly language to machine language?
Ans. Assembler

37. The process of finding errors in software’s source code:
Ans. Debugging

38. A Trojan horse is:
Ans. A virus disguised as a useful program.

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