Q.1 Study the argument and the inference drawn from that argument, given below carefully

Argument: Anything that goes up definitely falls down. Helicopter goes up.Inference: So the helicopter will definitely fall down. What in your opinion is the inference drawn from the argument?

  1.     Valid
  2.     Invalid
  3.     Doubtful
  4.     None of the above

Q.2 The main objective of public broadcasting system i.e. Prasar Bharti is

  1.     Inform, Entertainment & Education
  2.     Entertain, Information & Interaction
  3.     Educate, Interact & Entertain
  4.     Entertainment only

Q.3 Sardar Sarover dam is located on the river

  1.     ganga
  2.     godavari
  3.     narmada
  4.     kaveri

Q.4 Which one of the following trees has medicinal value?

  1.     Teak
  2.     Pine
  3.     Neem
  4.     Rubber

Q.5 Insert the missing number: 8 24 12 ? 18 54

  1.     26
  2.     36
  3.     34
  4.     24

Q.6 In a certain code, ROUNDS is written as RONUDS. How will PLEASE will be written in the same code:

  1.     PLEAES
  2.     PELASE
  3.     PLAESE
  4.     PLESAE

Q.7 If 45 is 120% of a number, what is 80% of the same number?

  1.     32
  2.     36
  3.     34
  4.     30

Q.8 If 6 is 24% of a number, what is 40% of the same number

  1.     8
  2.     10
  3.     12
  4.     16

Q.9 Statements: I All students are ambitiousII All ambitious persons are hard working. Conclusions : (i) All students are hard-working(ii) All hardly working people are not ambitious . Which of the following is correct?

  1.     Only (i) is correct
  2.     Only (iI) is correct
  3.     Both (i) and (ii) are correct
  4.     Both (i) and (ii) are not correct

Q.10 Consider the following statements regarding cars parked at a parking lot: statements ::::: 1. All the Maruti cars parked here are white.2. Some of these cars have radial tyres.3. All Maruti cars manufactured after 1986 have radial tyres.4. All cars are not Marutis. :::: Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the statements given above?

  1.     Only white Maruti cars with radial tyres are parked here
  2.     Cars other than Maruti do not have radial tyres
  3.     Most of the Maruti cars parked here were manufactured before 1986
  4.     Some white Maruti cars with radial tyres are parked here

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