Teaching Aptitude-7


Q.Effectiveness of teaching depends on

    Subject understanding of the Teacher
    Personality of the Teacher
    Qualification of the Teacher
    Strict approach of the Teacher

Q.Which of the following statement is not correct?

    Lecture Method can develop reasoning
    Lecture Method can develop knowledge
    Lecture Method is one way process
    During Lecture Method students are passive

Q.Which of the following is not instructional material?

    L.C.D Projector
    Printed Notes

Q.Which of the following statement is correct?

    Reliability ensures validity
    Validity ensures reliability
    Reliability and validity are independent of each other
    Reliability does not depend on objectivity

Q.Teacher can use teaching aids for

    making students attentive
    the sake of its use
    time management
    making teaching more interesting

Q.which of the following was not consisted in the recommendations of National Education Policy, 1986

    Teacher training
    Training guardians
    Expansion of facilities
    Course restructuring

Q.The least important factor in teaching

    Punishing students
    Using black board
    Maintaing discipline
    Lecture in detail

Q.In Higher Education students are better motivated through

    personal achievements
    individual attention
    co operation

Q.In 1947 the number of Educational Institutions was


Q.Which of the following comprise teaching skills

    black board writing
    All the above

Q.Indira Gandhi National Open University came into existence in


Q.Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) includes:

    Department of Elementary Education and Literacy
    Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education
    Department of Women and Child Development
    All the above

Q.Which of the following statements is most appropriate?

    Teachers can teach
    Teachers help can create in a student a desire to learn
    Lecture Method can be used for developing thinking
    Teachers are born.

Q.The modern schools aim to

    Develop proper behaviour
    Develop ethical values
    Develop creativity and individuality
    Develop socially acceptable behaviour

Q.Which of the following statements is correct?

    Syllabus is a part of curriculum
    Syllabus is an annexure to curriculum
    Curriculum is the same in all educational institutions affiliated to a particular
    Syllabus is not the same in all educational institutions affiliated to a particular

Q.The most important factor in teaching in higher education is

    Supply relevant information
    Prepare students to competitive examination
    Develop spirit of competition
    Lead students to the source of information

Q.An effective teacher is one who

    dictates notes
    motivate students
    give maximum information in limited time
    correct all assignments

Q.The most important aspect of open book examination is

    Improve attendance
    Students become serious
    It helps students to think
    Release examination anxiety

Q.Modern Indian education at Elementary level can de described as

    Child centered
    Curriculum centered
    Subject centered
    All of the above

Q.Value education stands for

    overall development of personality
    making student healthy
    making student religious
    inculcation of virtues

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