Teaching Aptitude-2


Q.1 An effective teacher will ensure

  1.     cooperation among students
  2.     competition among students
  3.     competition or cooperation as the situation demands
  4.     discipline in the class

Q.2 Which of the following is a teaching aid?

  1.     LCD Projector
  2.     Green Board
  3.     Tape Recorder
  4.     All of the above

Q.3 Which of the following is the main objective of teaching?

  1.     To give information related to the syllabus.
  2.     Prepare the students for examination
  3.     Help the students for getting jobs
  4.     To develop thinking power of students.

Q.4 The main objective of teaching is

  1.     to develop the thinking power of the students
  2.     to develop the imagination of the students
  3.     both A and B
  4.     None of the above

Q.5 Discussion method is useful if

  1.     the topic is very easy
  2.     the topic is difficult
  3.     the topic is very difficult
  4.     In all situations

Q.6 Teacher uses visual aids to make learning

  1.     interesting
  2.     passive
  3.     quicker
  4.     complex

Q.7 The teacher's role in Higher education is to

  1.     provide information to the students
  2.     prepare students for examination
  3.     motivate students for self learning
  4.     encourage competition among students

Q.8 A teacher can establish rapport with students by

  1.     playing the role of a guide who desires to help them
  2.     becoming a figure of authority
  3.     impressing the students with knowledge
  4.     implementing strict rules

Q.9 The quality of teaching can be assessed

  1.     by the result in Annual exam
  2.     by the attendance of students
  3.     by the quality of interaction of students in the class
  4.     by the silence in the class

Q.10 professional requirement of the teacher as per UNESCO publication is/are

  1.     innovativeness in approach and teaching strategies
  2.     mastery over the subjects and competency in teaching
  3.     justice to the profession
  4.     all of the above

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