First in the World


The first woman to climb Mount Everest from East – Santosh Yadav
The first Indian woman to go into space – Kalpana Chawla
First President of Chinese Republic – Sun Yat Sen
The first Indian Origin Prime Minister of Fiji – Mahendra Chaudhary
The first European to visit China – Marcopolo
The youngest woman to climb Mount Everest – Dicky Dolma
First Asian leader of Trinity College in Cambridge University – Amarthyakumar Sen
The first woman to swim across the Gibraltar strait – Arathi Pradhan, India
The first European who invade India – Alexander
First Indian to swim across the English channel – Mihir Sen
The first cloned animal in the world – Dolly
First tourist traveler in space – Dennis Tito
The first American president who visit India – Eisenhower
First woman to fly across Greenland – Ann Bancroft
First Woman president of UNO – Vijayalakshmi Pandit
The first man to climb Everest twice – Nawang Gombu
The first Chinese traveler who visit India – Fahien
The first artificial satellite – Sputnik 1
First prime minister of Pakistan – Liyakhat Alikhan
The first spaceship which helped man to land on the moon – Apollo 11
The first communist ruler of Soviet Union – Lenin
The first test tube baby in the world – Louise Brown
The first Indian to get the Nobel Prize in Economic sciences – Amartya Sen
First Indian to be crowned Miss World – Reita Faria
First president of Bangladesh – Mujibur Rahman
First woman president in the world – Mariya Estela Peron
First Muslim woman Prime Minister – Benazir Bhuto
First Prime Minister of Britain – Robert Walpole
First woman Prime Minister of Britain – Margaret Thatcher
The first man who conducted the heart transplantation surgery – Dr. Christian Bernard
First communist ruler of China – Mao Tse Tung

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